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Rise-&-FallI’ve been waiting for this moment—for nearly five years. Wasn’t sure it would ever happen—the Australian release of The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Blu-ray DVD! But it certainly did! Now some of you might wonder why I even cared about the Aussie release of this Danny Garcia documentary. I found out not too long ago, my photo of Joe Strummer backstage at Bonds is the front cover of the Australian release! Amazing! For some reason they chose a different cover from the US and European release. Go figure!

My good and generous friend Geoff Hoover, upon hearing of the Australian release, ordered two copies—one for me and one for himself. Knowing my financial situation was less than stellar, and my Joe photo was the cover, he wanted to make sure we both had our own copies. Thanks Geoff! Continue Reading > > >

Rise And Fall Of The Clash Australia CoverGot some amazing news last week! It seems the Australian release of the Danny Garcia documentary “The Rise And Fall Of The Clash” will have my Joe Strummer / Clash photo on the front cover! How fantastic is that!

It will be has been released (March 5, 2014) in Australia in both DVD and Blu-ray formats. I’m hoping to get a few copies to have for myself and my portfolio. I must say it’s pretty exciting to have one of my favorite photos of Joe Strummer & the Clash as a DVD cover. Pretty damn cool! Okay … I’m gushing! Shoot me! Continue Reading > > >

The Rise And Fall Of The ClashExtra! Extra! Read all about it! The moment I’ve waited for is here! The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release … finally!

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD Release will happen in March! It will be available in the US and Canada on the release date of 04/29/2014! Fantastic! The US/Canadian version can be preordered at the Shout Factory website for the miracle price of $13.98 USD.

The Rise And Fall Of The Clash will also be released in the EU, UK, Australia too. The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD can be preordered at the Rough Trade website for £14.99.

If you’ve been here before, you know I have many of my Clash photos in this Danny Garcia documentary. Danny first contacted me via eMail about using my photos in the film on 3/7/2009. Can you imagine? He searched the interwebs, found my Clash photos at my blog go2jo.com, emailed me … and the rest is five year old history! Continue Reading > > >

Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4 - Including photos by Joe Streno.I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it! Just got 3 copies of the new book— “Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4” by Stan Goldstein and Jean Mikle. I didn’t buy these shiny new copies. Stan Goldstein a fellow Jersey Shore resident and co-creator of the book series, dropped them off personally. Why? Because I have several color photos of the Clash and Billy Idol in “Rock & Roll Tour Of The Jersey Shore Volume 4″!

As the cover copy proclaims:

Your guide and map to the places Bruce Springsteen, Southside Johnny, Jon Bon Jovi and others made famous (and not so famous) at the Jersey Shore.

This is not the first time my photos have been in print, but it is the first book my photos were reproduced in color. It’s actually quite nice to see. Continue Reading > > >

A's@GildersleevesNYCIt’s funny. I was looking for a photo of A’s drummer Mikey Snyder for his birthday to post to Facebook. And as I was rummaging through images in Adobe Lightroom, I found this whole group of photos of the The A’s @ Gildersleeves – NYC – 1981. Wow! I remember the show well. There was a NY band called The Billies—that I also liked—and were opening for The A’s. What made the night even more memorable was, John Oates of Hall & Oates fame was there to play with The Billies.

As usual, the year is a total guess. I know I was still at CW Post when I shot the show. And my friend Carole Herscheit was also with me at the show. I remember that because there’s a backstage photo of Carole sitting next to Richard Bush. Again, photo proof … we were all there.

But aging brain cells, and poor record keeping on my part … and time and memory slips aways … again. No matter … some great photos for you all to see of the A’s and The Billies. Continue Reading > > >

John Eddie And The Front Street Runners @ Emerald City 1981The year was 1981. Bruce Springsteen was touring behind his new double album “The River”, and I was still in attendance at CW Post in Long Island as a film major. It was a Friday night in Cherry Hill, NJ. The bill was Gary US Bonds—who was very hot at the time and heading his own “Bruce assisted comeback”—and local New Jersey boys John Eddie And The Front Street Runners. My buddy Geoff Hoover and I were there, but I don’t remember if we bought tickets or were guest listed. I knew John Eddie, had photographed him plenty already, and tonight was no different. It’s my film choice that tells me I was strapped for cash—so I might have been on the list plus one. I shot both John Eddie and Gary US Bonds in black and white—yeah no cash for color. But no matter. We were there to have a blast! And so we did.

While I was pulling together the John Eddie photos I was going to show at the Asbury Park Musical Heritage Foundation’s tribute to bands who played the Fast Lane, I befriended a gentleman named Art Masciocchi on Facebook who was also at the same John Eddie show. He said he had a recording of the show, and asked if I’d like a CD copy of the original taping of the show. I was like—hell yeah! So he sent me a copy. I ripped it. And below are the songs from that show.

Continue Reading > > >