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Getting To The Heart Of It

A Man Walks Into An ER …

There’s a joke in here somewhere, I’m still searching for it. ‘Cause right now I’m more serious than a heat attack! Boom! No. Didn’t have one. But my chest sure was hurting enough — this man walked ino an ER …

It started over the weekend. I was feeling even more shitty than normal. And that’s saying a lot! Because these past several months I’ve been feeling pretty shitty! This current round of “Stump The Doctors” was becoming more frustrating than usual.  You are hypothyroid. You’re not hypothyroid. But no matter the diagnosis … I’m still too damn tired! Continue Reading > > >

HRM-ODTech Fail: I Sing The Body Electric or — what the hell was THAT!

Update: 08.08.2014 – Cardiologist Visit

It started several weeks ago. I’m minding my own business in the gym. I’m doing my hour long workout, when all of a sudden a woman’s voice comes through my headset saying, “Warning! Your heart rate is now 180 bmp.” A few moments later, “Warning! Your heart rate is now 240 bmp.” WTF!!!! Okay, maybe some backstory is appropriate now.

A few months ago, I was feeling like shit for an extended period of time. The biggest issue was lethargy. To be this tired for this long needed some investigation. I went to the Visiting Nurses Service in Asbury to see my primary, Pat Garduno. Having looked at some recent blood tests she saw borderline low thyroid levels. Normally this would not be alarming, but I was showing some (but not all) of the classic symptoms of Hypothyroidism. She started treating me for the disease. This meant I would need to take the drug Synthroid, possibly for the rest of my life. Not something I wanted to do. Me and drugs … for the rest of my life … not going to happen — not if I can help it! Before I started taking the drug I needed to be sure it wasn’t my Sarcoid becoming active or possibly allergies — it was early Spring & the pollen counts were through the roof! I wrote about all that in my blog post “Take A Deep Breath … Again“. Continue Reading > > >

Hoover Hootenanny 5 - The Last HootDid I dream it? Did it really happen? Already? Yes, The Hoover Hootenanny 5 – The Last Hoot has come & gone! Sadly, all good things DO come to an end. Harumph! Though it has come and gone, it certainly was one to remember!

I’ve been in attendance for all five of the Hoover Hootenannies and this was certainly the earliest. June 21st was a brilliantly sunny and not too warm Saturday. By the 5:00 PM start time, the temp cooled down even more, to the point I went home (after I played) and changed into jeans and a hoodie.

There were many more performers this year than ever. Of course Geoff Hoover And The Vinyl Junkies “Guitar Army” took the stage first. I decided to play second and get it over with. With my health these days, it was a wise choice. Didn’t know if energy would wane if I waited to later in the evening. So I got up and did a three song solo set. My good friend and drummer Fred Bennett was not in attendance this year. I went out the way I came into Hoot — acoustic and solo! Continue Reading > > >

joLungsIt’s been a while since I’ve written anything about my health. Which on some level is a good thing. Since moving back to New Jersey — some 2.5 years ago — things have been pretty good. I dropped one hundred pounds. I’m healthier than I’ve ever been. And here it comes … BUT … there have been some strange things occurring I can’t quite figure out yet.

It started back in November of 2013. I got one upper respiratory infection after another, for a total of three. The first lasted three weeks. Things seemed to be getting better for the next two, then I relapsed for another 2.5 weeks. With my Sarcoid, I have to always be more cautious and more aggressive about taking care of my lungs — especially with upper respiratory infections. They can easily turn into pneumonia … and bye-bye Joe! It’s what I deal with on a daily basis.

If it weren’t bad enough I was sick for over a month through the holidays — I was sick again — just last month. And you guessed it … another upper respiratory infection, which laid me up for another 2.5 weeks. Oh joy! This time around my nurse practitioner Patricia Guarduno from the Asbury Park Visiting Nurses Clinic was being extra cautious and sent me for a lung x-ray. She had several patients come into the clinic presenting with pneumonia, and wanted to be certain I did not have it. So off I went to Jersey Shore Medical — that same day — for a pulmonary photo session. Continue Reading > > >

Rise-&-FallI’ve been waiting for this moment—for nearly five years. Wasn’t sure it would ever happen—the Australian release of The Rise And Fall Of The Clash Blu-ray DVD! But it certainly did! Now some of you might wonder why I even cared about the Aussie release of this Danny Garcia documentary. I found out not too long ago, my photo of Joe Strummer backstage at Bonds is the front cover of the Australian release! Amazing! For some reason they chose a different cover from the US and European release. Go figure!

My good and generous friend Geoff Hoover, upon hearing of the Australian release, ordered two copies—one for me and one for himself. Knowing my financial situation was less than stellar, and my Joe photo was the cover, he wanted to make sure we both had our own copies. Thanks Geoff! Continue Reading > > >

Rise And Fall Of The Clash Australia CoverGot some amazing news last week! It seems the Australian release of the Danny Garcia documentary “The Rise And Fall Of The Clash” will have my Joe Strummer / Clash photo on the front cover! How fantastic is that!

It will be has been released (March 5, 2014) in Australia in both DVD and Blu-ray formats. I’m hoping to get a few copies to have for myself and my portfolio. I must say it’s pretty exciting to have one of my favorite photos of Joe Strummer & the Clash as a DVD cover. Pretty damn cool! Okay … I’m gushing! Shoot me! Continue Reading > > >